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2K bringing it to Next Gen with The City in NBA 2K21!

What’s going on everybody Wav3yGawd here! 2K knows how to keep their audience in, me being one of them. I was one of the people who didn’t plan on getting NBA 2K21 for the current gen because I preferred it for the next gen with the enhancements they’ll be having, similar with NBA 2K14. However I had my doubts on it because it looked the same as previous years and have gone back and forth with it. With enhancements such as performance, graphics and overall gameplay, the team over at NBA 2K released a trailer for their upgraded version of The Neighborhood this time it’s called The City!

With the god MC Rakim playing in the background, NBA 2K showed off their new enhanced hub world for the community and it’s looking really fire. Obviously The City is a whole lot bigger than the previous neighborhood and they are officially bringing back team affiliations! Just like in NBA 2K15 and 2K16, you can choose from 4 different teams, North Knights, Beasts of the East, South City Vipers and the Western Wildcats. They also showcased the new training facility that was first implemented in NBA 2K18 with The Neighborhood, the facility is much bigger now with more room to exercise and lift weights as well as having rental courts where it looks like you will still be able to play online. There is also a building they showed called the Pink Diamond Plaza where if I know better looks like a place where all the major events will be happening. If you haven’t checked out the trailer watch out below!

2K might be taking a step in the right direction with implementing this in the next gen version which makes sense because of the power of these new consoles! However, the first thing that came to my mind is, how them servers gonna be looking!? If you play in the park in 2K you know the servers are not the best and with the money they make off microtransactions alone you would think they would be some of the best. Safe to say, 2K got me again and I will be purchasing this on my Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. If you’re an NBA 2K fan are y’all buying the hype or just not impressed?! Until next time y’all, this is Wav3yGawd, PEACE!

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