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A New Pokemon Journey is upon us!

What’s goin on y’all it’s your mans Wav3yGawd from where A1 players make A1 plays and yesterday we posted on our social media that Nintendo announced a special Direct for the Pokemon series. I know I was wondering what new information we would learn here and why was it soooooo early lol. Even though it was at 9:00 am EST it was only 7 minutes long so that’s not bad at all, but it looks like there is a new Pokemon Journey among us!

That’s right, 2 new Pokemon RPG’s have been added to the Nintendo library. They are Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword.

The image above shows the logos for the new games slated to come out in late 2019, as you see Pokemon Sword is blue and Pokemon Shield is red, kind of a throwback to the Red and Blue versions or the Sapphire and Ruby versions. With new titles comes new adventures in a brand new region! This region is called the Galar Region where the Pokemon and humans live together and have worked with each other to make the region a great place with snowy mountains and beautiful environments.

Like the other versions of Pokemon, you will be able to choose one of three to start your journey.

First there is Scorbunny. This is a rabbit pokemon who is always bursting with energy, a fire pokemon that is always running about bursting with energy. Next up is Grookey, a chimp grass pokemon filled with curiousity. Lastly, there is Dobble a water lizard pokemon, a very timid pokemon who uses attacks while it hides itself in the water.

From what I saw in the direct, it looks like the developers at Game Freak while trying something new they are also trying to stick with the same formula that made us all love Pokemon many years ago. This is going to be fun for all people that have grown with the series to people who just started getting into the series. If you have not seen the Pokemon Direct the video is down below. So what do you all think, are you all excited another entry in the Pokemon series?! Do you think they did good with the names? Are you ready to become a Pokemon master in a new adventure?! Let us know in the comments below! I know I might pick this one up, looks like a lot of fun! Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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