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Adidas Lets us know that "Winter Is ComING"

What’s goin on y’all it’s your boy Wav3yGawd here back with some news that’ll keep your feet looking real fly this year! Adidas is at it again with another epic sneaker collection, this one will be based on the hit HBO TV show “Game of Thrones”. This isn't the first time Adidas has done a collection of sneakers based on a TV series. Last year they announced their Dragonball Z sneaker collection that consisted of 7 sneakers that all came out in the fall. The line of sneakers were based off of characters from the hit anime series. The characters chosen were Goku, Gohan, Frieza, Majin Buu, Cell, Vegeta and Shenron. If you didn’t see our views on it, you can view our article here! While the Dragonball Z collection was a variety of sneakers from the company’s arsenal, this collection will be different color ways of the more popular and comfortable Ultra Boosts collection.

The “Game of Thrones” sneaker line are scheduled to come out this year in the Spring. More than likely this is another way to promote the last season of the show which airs on April 14th. This is great promotion for the shows last season, even though they probably don’t need anymore of it because their following is so huge regardless. Fellow squad members CorneredFOX and Desertskies are huge fans of the show. I like it as well but unfortunately I am only on season 5 and I keep telling myself to finish because I got on it pretty late. Similar to how the Dragonball Z sneakers had names based on certain characters, the Game of Thrones sneakers will do the same. Some are based on characters and some are based on different families from the TV show. All the sneakers in the collection will be marked at the price of $200. Take a look at the sneaker collection below and tell us if you think they are certified heat or not. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

Game of Thrones x Adidas Ultra Boost “House Stark”

Game of Thrones x Adidas Ultra Boost “House Lannister”

Game of Thrones x Adidas Ultra Boost “Targaryen Dragons”

Game of Thrones x Adidas Ultra Boost “House Targaryen"

Game of Thrones x Adidas Ultra Boost “Night’s Watch”

Game of Thrones x Adidas Ultra Boost “White Walker”

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