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Amazon Prime Day has returned!

Everyone in the universe, yes I said it the universe, used Amazon one way or another. Whether it was for a random item that you could get for cheap rather than going to a regular retail store, or just browsing around and catching a sweet deal. These days Amazon is one of my best friends because when you pre-order a game from there it will be $47.00 rather than the occasional $60.00! Hey, you have to save where you can am I right?! With Amazon Prime, Amazon skyrocketed, with Prime you can get free 2 day shipping on certain items and sometimes it will cost less. The service has two plans, you can either pay the monthly $12.99 a month or $119 for the whole year, I currently do the $119 a year plan and I haven’t looked back since. If you have this amazing service then jump up and down for joy because Amazon is having their annual “Amazon Prime Day”. So even more savings will be happening on the site, which means more money in your pocket! This year Amazon Prime Day will be on July 16th and will be running to July 17th, and it’s actually 36 hours so that is plenty of time to shop for whatever! But wait, there is indeed more. If you are a gamer and you have Amazon Prime then you know you also get Twitch Prime being that Amazon bought Twitch in 2014. This is probably the reason why Amazon allows you to pre-order games for $47.00, go figure. With Twitch Prime they offer rewards you can get for certain games, for instance they offer a lot of free skins on there for “Fortnite Battle Royale” and when I was heavy on “Overwatch” with the squad there were plenty of loot box deals and skins on there as well. They also had a deal with “Devil Mad Cry” when the HD collection came to next generation consoles. Twitch Prime also offers free games, catch is these games are only for your PC, so you can eventually strengthen up your Steam game list. So you know Twitch had to catch in on the fun like Amazon is doing, but it is celebrating for a good two weeks of July. That’s right, starting today if you are a Twitch Prime member you can claim over 2 WEEKS of FREE games. However, this is not to be confused with Prime Fortnite which will be occurring on July 10th where Twitch Prime users can claim free cosmetics and skins in “Fortnite Battle Royale”. The list of games can be found below, will you be picking up all these games and adding them to your PC?! Will you be participating in Amazon Prime Day this year, I know I will! Let us know below in the comments, until next time y’all. PEACE!

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