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Apex Legends season 5 gameplay trailer!

What’s going on everybody, Wav3yGawd here! Respawn has been ON IT lately with their trailers for season 5 of their Battle Royale title Apex Legends. First, we got a cinematic trailer about the new character Loba Andrade and her backstory and then we got the launch trailer for season 5 all within a week. Now to top it all off, we finally have the gameplay trailer for season 5 Fortune’s Favor!

With season 5, we are getting the new character Loba and it looks like we will be getting a new mode other than the regular battle royale mode. This trailer also shows off Loba’s ultimate ability as well as an ability that looks like it allows her to teleport to certain locations, just like how we saw in the launch trailer. There will also be a new battle pass that I am sure will have a lot of new skins and emotes for us to choose from, and it looks like Kings Canyon is unearthed! If you haven’t checked out the trailer, you can watch it below! Remember season 5 will be released on Tuesday May 12th! Y’all pumped for the new season of Apex and to get your hands on Loba!? Let us know. Until next time yall, PEACE!

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