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Avengers Endgame Official Trailer! (Whatever it takes)

What’s going on y’all it’s your mans Wav3yGawd here! The hype behind Avengers Endgame is SO REAL, I don’t know if I can wait any longer! On top of that they just released the official trailer for the MCU film coming to theaters on April 26th. I will say, the last one got me a little more hype but that is not to say that this one is trash in the slightest! There is even a little surprise for everybody at the end of the trailer so you’ll want to watch the whole thing all the way through. The runtime is 2 minutes and 26 seconds so I am pretty sure it won’t be hard. The official poster for the movie has been released as well. It definitely follows the MCU poster formula but that is neither here nor there, the content will be great so that is what I ultimately care about. Just know they whole Phucaname squad is SUPER excited for this film to drop and we know you are too! Are you all as excited as we are!? Doubt it! LOL. Check out the trailer below and leave a comment letting us know how you feel about it. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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