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Best Super Smash Bros to date???

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be the next installment in the beloved Super Smash Bros. franchise and will release on December 7, 2018! The squad that is Phucaname watched the Nintendo Direct as a unit and couldn’t contain ourselves when the reveal came. I believe the Direct was going well when it started with games they were showing and certain reveals that they had up their sleeve. We were commenting like many of you probably were on what we liked and what we thought was just ok. And then...we saw the new Smash Bros. With Director Masahiro Sakurai speaking we knew the reveal was coming but none of us were prepared for the amount of nostalgia and awesomeness that was about to commence. When the Fight Roster was revealed, we were in our chat surprised at every past smash character name that we saw and just overflowing with excitement with the chat going haywire with many of us saying, “Take my money NOW!”, well that was mostly me but I know many of you were thinking the exact same thing. Furthermore, after every character reveal and every mechanic added or enhanced that they presented, I kept on repeating this same question “Will this be the best Super Smash Bros. in the series?!” If you don’t know, my favorite game of all time is Super Smash Bros. Melee. To me that game was revolutionary with how it made that jump from the first Super Smash Bros. with all of the aspects that were added. I still have my Nintendo GameCube and play it every now and then. This is a reason why I am still conflicted with the question asked above, but it’s also a reason why the answer to that question could be yes.

With the reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate they showed that not only will this game not be a port of Super Smash Bros. Wii U that everyone was thinking in the back of their heads, but that this is a brand new installment in the series altogether. In the fighter roster that was revealed in the E3 Direct, it showed not only players from the last Smash Bros. but past Smash Bros. characters that were not seen since Brawl or as early as Melee. Characters such as Roy, Ice Climbers, Fox, Pichu, Young Link, Snake and many more characters. With the characters there were certain aspects that were added to them as well. For example, Bayonetta, who is in the game again, will now have the first and second skins from her self titled “Bayonetta” franchise. The new installment will also finally have 3 separate versions of the Legend of Zelda Hero Link, Link (Adult/BoTW), Young Link (OoT/Majora’s Mask) and Toon Link (Wind Waker). In addition to the variations, Link’s bombs will have a remote control feature for his bombs, which he will be able to detonate from afar, which is a new and welcome addition to his character. Pacman’s smash attack also received a speed boost so you can chomp on your opponents even faster. There were so many more character upgrades and character additions to the game and we will give you a list below so that you can see for yourself. But the biggest character reveal was that of the Metroid Prime character, Riddley! This is a player that the Smash community has been asking to be implemented into the series for about a decade, looks like Nintendo has been listening and they delivered! This was only the fight roster which is honestly incredible and they made no errors. The best thing to me about the fight roster is that Nintendo really took it back to when gaming meant something. They are finally letting you unlock players again! That might not be a big deal to you all but this just increases the lifeline of the game now because now I have a reason to play the game to its fullest just like I did with Melee years ago. This also goes back to the article I wrote on the Art of Surprise. Now I can finally see the famous “New challenger approaches” screen and not have to wait for DLC that has no reason being DLC in the first place. So this alone made me want to throw my money at the computer screen during the Direct.

If the fight roster wasn’t enough, they added back many things from Melee and just enhanced some mechanics that will make this game even more fun and nostalgic to everybody. First of all, Melee introduced the concept of mid air dodging and it was a game changer, well now Ultimate adds the mid air directional dodge where you can now dodge in a certain direction. This can be the savior move to dodge that last attack from your opponent or can help when you have to get back on to the stage. With this gift though there is a curse, because if you mid air dodge too much it will punish and make you more vulnerable to attacks, happening a little slower each time. This goes for dodging on the ground as well. Ultimate also revealed that hits during a 1-on-1 battle inflict more damage to a character than in a party battle which will make those big matches even more entertaining. You can short hop attack at any time now just like in Melee, there is also now a perfect shield that occurs when you release the shield button but you have to time it just right in this game rather than before. You can actually see who is in the lead during the match now because a light will flash behind the player, so if that happens to be you, you better be ready to settle it in smash! If all these enhancements weren’t enough, just like its predecessor before it, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be playable with the Nintendo GameCube controllers that everyone uses with an adapter so be ready to have yet another nostalgic feeling from the jump.

This announcement of the newest Super Smash Bros. was nothing short of amazing. From the character reveals to unlocking players to the new/enhanced mechanics, it is safe to say that Nintendo has listened to the community and they were more than ready for the beloved franchise to come to their latest console. As for the question I asked above, I would say yes and no. I say yes because since this game will be graphically better than every installment in the franchise and will feature literally EVERY CHARACTER that ever appeared in the series, Nintendo also gave this game the legs to survive with the ability to unlock players like before and not hide characters behind a paywall. I also say no to the question because one, I am bias to my favorite game of all time, and two, since they are adding all these aspects back to the franchise that was initially added in Melee should further prove the point of Melee being the best in the series. Will this game replace Melee in certain fighting tournaments around the world, I say no but I can see this game being played more in tournaments because now you have the best of both worlds. Now if only Nintendo’s servers will be able to actually handle this game this time around, unlike they did with Brawl, smh! Also, Nintendo PLEASE just implement a party chat already, I promise you all would just strike GOLD! One more thing, this reveal would’ve gotten a perfect 10 from your boy if they revealed WALUIGI! He would be SO PERFECT for this game, but I digress lol. Check out the trailer below for the full reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and be ready to settle it in smash this upcoming holiday season. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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