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Capcom celebrates 30 years of Street Fighter

Can you believe that the beloved fighting franchise Street Fighter has been around for 30 years?! It is still crazy that it is that old. I still remember playing that game on my god sisters and brother Super Nintendo just mastering combos with Ken (who is still my favorite character to this day). This game has been at soooo many tournaments with the most famous one being EVO. I mean who doesn't remember seeing the footage of Daigo doing that wonderful parry to a combo with Ken on an inch of life in his health bar, sensational! Well, for those of you who like playing fighter Capcom is doing what they can to help celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the fighting franchise. Capcom announced that they will be having a 30th Anniversary Collection Edition of Street Fighter launching in May 2018 and that it will be coming to the PlayStation 4, XBox one and of course the Nintendo Switch. If you want to learn more, check out the trailer below. HADUKEN!

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