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CyberPunk 2077 delayed because of Current Gen?!

What’s going on everybody, Wav3yGawd here! It has recently come out that this year's most anticipated game coming from Cd Projekt Red CyberPunk 2077 was just delayed AGAIN. This time it will be coming on December 10th...hopefully.

When we posted this on our social media (follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @phucaname) we stated that it was because of testing they had to do on platforms across the board, that includes, next gen consoles, current gen consoles, PC, and even Google Stadia. However it has just recently come out that it could actually be the current gen consoles fault for this delay.

Apparently during a teleconference call after the delay announcement, the CEO Adam Kicinski talked about the delay saying what they originally said about testing across many platforms and a better product means more sales for the game and just giving the best product to the fans. Further on in the call he did talk about the current gen versions as well.

“This situation is different compared to previous changes to the deadline - the game for PC is ready and plays well on next-gen consoles and the company is finalizing the process concerning current gen consoles.”

So it looks like current gen might be the blame for this third delay, which many people are probably going to be getting this title on those consoles so the delay is definitely needed to have the best impression on the community. Y’all still hype for this title?! I know I am! Until next time y’all, this is Wav3yGawd, PEACE!

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