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Demon Slayer “Infinity Train” Movie Trailer!

What’s going on everybody, Wav3yGawd here from Phucaname here with some anime news! Demon Slayer to me is one of the best new anime out there! Plot is great, characters are likeable, the show moves very smoothly, villains are great and the fighting is immaculate! So when the show ended I was tight I had to wait for a second season, and I know most of you felt the same. Not to worry though, it looks like Demon Slayer has a movie coming out called “Infinity Train” or “Mugen Train” and it seems it is taking place from where the Season 1 finale left off. No date of when it is definitely coming out, just that it is “coming soon”. If you haven’t checked out the trailer you can watch it below! Are you all excited for this one!? Let us know in the comments. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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