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Everything important from Sony State of Play (Babylon’s Fall looks FLAMES)

What’s goin on everybody it’s Wav3yGawd here with some news about our good old homie PlayStation. During Sony’s State of Play yesterday on December 10th, PlayStation showed off a couple of titles that would be coming to their gaming library. Titles such as the much talked about Untitled Goose Game which is coming to PlayStation this month, Media Molecule’s Dreams is Almost Here! that will be releasing on February 14th of 2020 exclusively for the PlayStation 4, the new title Predator: Huntin Grounds which is confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PC on April 24th of 2020 as well as Resident Evil 3 Nemesis coming to the PlayStation 4 on April 3rd of 2020 which includes a 4v1 online multiplayer game called Resident Evil: Resistance! Sony also took the time to announce the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC that will be arriving soon which adds some Final Fantasy characters to the game, as well as show a little teaser for their upcoming exclusive title Ghost of Tsushima and stated that more will be shown at the Video Game Awards taking place tomorrow! You can check out the trailer for that below.

The one game I was most excited for was the title that was talked about before but we never got to see gameplay, UNTIL NOW! I am talking about the upcoming title Babylon’s Fall from Square Enix developed by Platinum Games. Once I saw that, I almost said I was buying this one, then when I saw gameplay my eyes widened by the excitement and almost threw money at the screen! Check the gameplay trailer below!

I love hack and slash combo games and this fits right up my alley! From the trailer you can see that it fights just like other Platinum Game titles Bayonetta and the most recent Astral Chain which I recently beat and had loads of fun! I have no doubt in my mind I will love this game too! At the end of the trailer it says “More Information Next Summer” which is a long time to wait, but my gaming backlog is stacked right now with Control, Darksiders 3 and The Outer Worlds already so I’ll be fine, I guess LOL. Are you ready to play some new games on your PS4?! Do these titles interest you!? Let us know in the comments. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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