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Everything important from the Pokemon Direct! (1.9.2020)

What’s going on everybody, it’s Wav3yGawd here and if you follow us on social media (@phucaname across the board) you’ll see that we posted about Nintendo having a Pokemon Direct yesterday morning at 9:30am EST/ 6:30am PT. The direct was 25 minutes and touched on the upcoming Pokemon game Pokemon Home which will be coming out in February of this year as well as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX! While this is another game of the same title from the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance from 2005, the switch will have it’s on version being released on March 6th! While they did touch on these games, most of the direct was spent talking about the new expansion pass coming to Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield!

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will have a 2 part expansion pass coming this year. Part 1 is The Isle of Armor that will be releasing this summer in June, and part 2 is The Crown Tundra which will be releasing later in the fall.

With this pass you will be able to continue your journey with saved progress from your Pokemon Sword or Shield game. The main difference between the expansion passes are the location. While The Isle of Armor is taken place in a sunny environment with some beaches and focusing on a theme of growth, The Crown Tundra will be in a snowy winter environment. However, in both environments you will be able to find and catch Pokemon that are not in the Galar Region.

The Expansion pass will also give you access to over 200 Pokemon from past generations to find and catch that are not available in the Galar Region. Nintendo will also be handing out free updates to coincide with the release of the expansion pass, these updates will make it so that if you don’t own the pass when it releases you are still able to get the Pokemon via link trading online! This way you can still collect Pokemon you just won’t be continuing beyond the Galar Region. Also, today Nintendo will be giving out a free update that will have some differences in both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Once it is downloaded, go to the Wedgehurst train station and you will see Klara if you have Pokemon Sword and Avery if you have Pokemon Shield. These characters are both rivals of yours.

The main thing they will have in common is that there will be an opportunity to catch a Galarian Slowpoke.

If you get the expansion pass you can retrieve certain items from either The Isle of Armor or The Crown Tundra the items will allow it to evolve into a Galarian Slowbro (The Isle of Armor) or a Galarian Slowking (The Crown Tundra)! This will definitely give you a leg up on the competition and will make the online battles even more epic. Also with Nintendo’s newest game Pokemon Home, you will be able to bring in Pokemon from there through the Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion pass so you can even more to your collection!

The Pokemon direct today was very informative with Nintendo’s future plans with Pokemon. Remember the expansion pass parts are releasing this year with The Isle of Armor this summer in June and The Crown Tundra releasing a little later in the fall! The pass will release for $30, and with the release of the update the expansion will be available for pre-purchase either in the start menu of Pokemon Sword & Shield as well as the Nintendo e-Store. Even though Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX has a release date for the late winter, Nintendo has a demo out now on the e-Store where you will be able to play and the saved progress you have there will be able to carry over into the full game. If you haven’t checked out the direct, you can watch it below. Let us know if you are pumped for these future releases. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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