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Everything that went down in Pokemon Presents!

What’s going on everybody, Wav3yGawd here! Earlier this morning, the Pokemon Company had a presentation called “Pokemon Presents!”. It was a surprise to me because I didn’t even hear about this! It had a run time of 11 minutes but it gave us news on the new things coming to the world of Pokemon!

First, they have a new game called “Pokemon Smile”, which is a mobile game made to help kids with brushing their teeth! Some kids might not find that part essential to growing up, but with this game it makes it unique because you are tackling germs and getting to a goal while doing it. It looks like you can also catch Pokemon as well, so this was a good look on the Pokemon Company’s part to make sure kids are doing the right thing and having fun while doing it!

Pokemon Smile is available now on the Google Play store and the Apple App store!

The next game they shared was a puzzle game called “Pokemon Cafe Mix” where you are the owner of a cafe that Pokemon come to visit and you have to fulfill their orders by solving certain puzzles. Different Pokemon can help you to make your store a hit.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is also available now on the Google Play and Apple App stores as well as the Nintendo Switch.

One announcement taken away from this presentation was in the middle where they announced a “New Pokemon Snap”! This is a sequel to the original game that came out in 1999 on the Nintendo 64. This game does not have a release date yet as it is still in development but allegedly will be “coming soon”.

There was also news shared about Pokemon Go! The Pokemon Company said there have been many changes to the mobile game that is making it safe for users to play since the news of COVID-19 including, raiding remotely, carrying more gifts and getting bonus research daily. Niantic also recently announced that the annual Pokemon Fest for 2020 will be all digital and be made accessible for players around the world. One thing they announced for Pokemon Go, which was surprising, is that Mega evolutions are coming!

Also, to celebrate the release of the first expansion of Pokemon Sword & Shield titled The Isle of Dreams (which was released today), there are Galarian Farfetch'd in Pokemon Go as well as clothing for trainers based on the training clothes in the expansion!

There is more news in the Pokemon Presents! presentation. You can watch it down below to catch up on everything! There will also be another one next Wednesday, June 24th for another announcement! Is this news getting you back into the swing of Pokemon!? Let us know. This has been Wav3yGawd reporting! Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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