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Fan Favorite Goku Does it Again

17 years ago, on June 19th, the nature of anime was changed when Goku, the protagonist of Dragonball, achieved a legendary transformation only hinted at beforehand. Ever since then, the Super Saiyan form has forever been cemented in anime history as the standard of all anime transformations. And now Goku has done it again as the DragonBall Super series aims to surpass the moment all DB fans hold near and dear.

In DragonBall Super episode 129, Goku, backed against the wall by the mighty Jiren and with the fate of Universe seven on his shoulders, has finally mastered and can sustain a form that even gods themselves have trouble attaining: Ultra Instinct. But why is this transformation more special than say all the other various Super Saiyan forms? Why is this the zenith of transformations that Super has introduced to us since the onset of Super Saiyan God? Because, dear readers, unlike Super Saiyan 2 or 3 which were essentially massive spikes in power still cemented in the base that was Super Saiyan. Ultra Instinct is not at all based on that line of power, instead being a power that the gods seek to attain where instinct takes hold and drives for you. Where Super Saiyan is the ultimate form of a Saiyan, Ultra Instinct is supposedly the ultimate technique a god can attain and master.

This is the third time Goku has achieved this form and the second time he has fought against Jiren with it. While the first time was a taste of its unreal power, even then Jiren didn’t seem phased as much. Now that Goku has mastered this form we will see how Jiren responds.

Only time will tell how the conclusion to the explosive Tournament of Power will unfold, but for now all eyes are on Goku and his new transformation.

What do you think? Does Ultra Instinct truly surpass Super Saiyan? In terms of strength, that’s no question, but how about impact? Is this the new Super Saiyan of a new generation? Comment below!

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