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Fortnite X borderlands crossover!

What’s goin on y’all, it’s Wav3yGawd here with some more gaming news for the battle royale fans! Fortnite has had many updates in its span of existence, many of the updates coming with crossovers which is good marketing for the game and for movies that is in the crossover. We have shared all the crossovers including John Wick and the famous Avengers: Infinity War crossover along with the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse mini crossover. Well, Epic said why stop now?! This time in their latest update along with many weapon, gameplay and platform updates, they have announced a crossover with the upcoming looter shooter from Gearbox Borderlands 3!

The actual game Borderlands 3 will be releasing next month on September 13, but this crossover will be going from today until September 10 getting people ready for the release of the third installment of the Gearbox franchise. As said before in update v10.20, there are many gameplay, weapon and platform updates but the gas station location from Fortnite’s desert biome will be adapted into the update but with Borderlands’ distinctive art style. You will also be able to play as a Psycho and claptrap. In the update, Epic says that if don’t take any damage in the Pandora zone you will generate a shield increasing your odds of survival. There are also updates with the B.R.U.T.E Mech as well, but the biggest update is the crossover which will gain both games a lot of attention.

If you haven’t seen the trailer you can see it on our instagram @phucaname or watch it below. This update should get Borderlands players excited for the third installment and will hopefully get Fortnite fans into the franchise as well. Let us know in the comments if you are excited about this! Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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