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Frosty Reviews: Dungeons and Dragons! NON SPOILERS VERSION

Updated: Mar 25

Image: Dungeons and Dragons Honor Amongst Thieves Facebook Banner

For myself, long gone seemed the days where you went to the movies to see a fun action/adventure film with no expectations of oscar winning performances and one liners…just a GOOD OL’ FASHION STRAIGHTFORWARD ADVENTURE WITH NO COMPLICATED PLOT TWISTS…yeah…those were the days. Hey squad, Frosty Phenix here, and I’m sharing my thoughts (spoiler free) of the up and coming film “Dungeon and Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves”. The film, directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, partner screenwriters for 2011’s Horrible Bosses (2011), and starring a slew of familiar faces (new for some) that bring this nerd fantasy film to life. The main line up of the cast includes Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, Hugh Grant, Chloe Coleman and Daisy Head. Without further ado, here is the NON SPOILER review of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) Photo: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves | Official Trailer (2023 Movie) / Paramount Pictures YouTube

The Overall Story

The story follows Chris PIne’s Character Edgin as he leads a team of wayward thieves with shady by unfortunate pasts in a life of adventure and action that comes to a halt when a score goes horribly wrong. Now trying to right the wrongs of this unfortunate outcome and re-unite the team and meet new faces along the way, Edgin goes on a journey to find all that was taken from him…and maybe some treasure along the way (because treasure is always nice). The plot twists are a welcome supporting element to this film, mixing the lighthearted family fun and action with a bit high stakes danger that has you worried about who may not make it out alive. 

L-R) Justice Smith, Chris Pine, Sophia Lillis and Michelle Rodriguez


Action Elements/Special Effects

All of the fight scenes feel like they have been given love and attention. For as much as this is a fantasy movie where reality aspects should not matter, none of the fights or their results felt absurd, “over the top” or undeserving. Every fight was welcomed by the theater with shock and awe and applauded and celebrated at every conclusion. The CGI for creatures in the movie is excellent! My favorite mythical creature in the movie had to be the “Owl Bear” (you’ll see why…SO AWESOME!)


All of the cast and their portrayals complimented one another. The chemistry between the cast portraying all of their characters is quite present. The blend of veteran and newer actors and actresses carrying the plot together brought joy to my heart. My favorite character of the movie was hands down Xenk, portrayed by Regé-Jean Page. 

Image: Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

Final Thoughts

I definitely recommend seeing this movie in theaters. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and you feel for the characters, their individual stories and the overall battle between the forces of good, evil and "neutral" (wink wink). Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves releases to theaters March 31st, 2023. FULL REVIEW with PLOT BREAKDOWNS coming 1 WEEK after the movie’s official release. 


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