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Gamescom - BioMutant Gameplay

Gamescom is going on in Germany this week, usually it is like International E3. However, this year they are showing a lot more than just release dates and leftover E3 content. We have a lot of gameplay being thrown at us and it is great! Below is gameplay from the upcoming third person action RPG BioMutant. While this game is not a new announcement it is refreshing to see some new action and polishness of the upcoming title. This video is a full 13 minutes of gameplay, no commentary, straight from Gamescom! I know for me personally this is on my list of games to add to my collection. What about you? Are you all excited for this title? Let us know in the comments. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

#gameplay #thirdperson #rpg #biomutant #germany #gamescom #e3 #thirdpersonrpg #action

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