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Halo 6 Teased???! *Sigh*

I mean, raise your hand if you didn’t see this coming…..I bet NONE of you raised your hands either LOL! But yes, 343 Industries might have confirmed that the Halo series is continuing with Halo 6.

A few days ago if you all remember, Microsoft announced that Halo will be coming to arcades everywhere (much like the “Solo” movie, coming nobody asked for this). It will be called “Fireteam Raven”. However, many individuals had a strange feeling that with this new arcade game in the works that 343 Industries would be focusing on just arcade cabinets. Community Director of 343 Industries Brian Jarrard luckily came to the rescue to address this on Twitter. He stated that with the development of the arcade game “Fireteam Raven”, it DID NOT have any impact on the development team making the new gaming title coming from the company. If you want to see the exact statement on Twitter you can look below.

Now if this is true that a Halo 6 is the game that they are talking about, we are not saying we told you so because that would just be TOO easy. I mean what else is 343 Industries known for BESIDES the Halo series that continues to sell. Unless it can be a new IP *GAAASSSP*, I highly doubt that though. This is interesting as well because the Phucaname squad and other friends were actually talking about Halo after the news came out about the arcade game “Fireteam Raven”. We all agreed that this series needs to come to an end. Even though I didn’t really play the series like that, the rest of the squad thought the story has lost its way and it just needs to be laid to rest before it gets messed up even more. Would you all be excited for a new Halo in the series if they showed it at E3 this year? Let us know in the comments below, until next time y’all. PEACE!

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