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What’s goin on y’all it’s your mans Wav3yGawd back with some more gaming news! Earlier today Nintendo had another Direct for their upcoming games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. They revealed a lot of information including that the game will release globally on NOVEMBER 15! So we all have a couple months until we can once again become Pokemon masters in the brand new Galar Region! Below you will find everything you need to know about the new Pokemon games coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall!

As stated before in our article we wrote before on these games, this one will be taken place in a brand new region called the Galar Region that will introduce new elements as well as bring back some old ones. Among the new elements are:

The Wild Area

- this area stretches along cities in the Galar Region

- in this area lies many Pokemon for you to capture and fight against

- there are also items for you to collect

- in this area you have control over the camera which is best for looking for both items and Pokemon

There are also many new Pokemon that were showed in the Direct:

Wooloo - Sheep Pokemon used to craft goods

Gossiflower - Flower Pokemon whose pollen has healing powers for pokemon and humans alike; Gossiflower can also evolve into Eldegoss who can revive humans as well as Pokemon with the seeds on its head, the seeds can also be used to grow plants

Drednaw - Bite Pokemon whose bite is so strong that it can break chains of iron, it is mostly for more experienced trainers

Carviknight - Raven Pokemon who uses its fly ability to fight or take the player to any town

Along with these Pokemon that can be seen throughout the game, there are of course the legendary Pokemon of the Galar Region. First there is Zacian who has a sword in its mouth for attacking and there is Zamazanta who has a shield as a apart for its face and head.

It is safe to say that these are the legendary Pokemon on the covers of the game as well. There is another new HUGE element that was added to this new entry in the Pokemon franchise and it is called:


- this ability can be used to make Pokemon giant in size and gives them incredible strength/power boost (now you see why I used the word HUGE LOL)

- All moves in their move list turn into max moves

- Dynamaxing can be used once per battle, so choose wisely and strategically

- when dynamxing is used it can only be used for 3 turns which causes for even more strategization

- Can be used in online mode with other players in the wild area

- Dynamaxing online with other players is called a Max Raid Battle

Max Raid Battle

-4 players online can challenge Pokemon (Dynamax Pokemon) in the wild area

- the Pokemon stay in Dynamax mode for the whole battle

- only 1 of the 4 players can Dynamax their Pokemon each battle so it causes for more strategic motives

- you can also capture the dynamaxed Pokemon; some Pokemon have to be weakened before you capture

- Pokemon to fight in this mode can vary depending on the weather

These new elements sound awesome and it requires the squad to play which can lead to memorable moments! Now with these new elements like I said before there are some similar/old elements in these 2 new games including the characters:

Leon (Greatest Trainer in the Galar Region)

- undefeated in matches

- current champion in the region

Hop (your rival)

- younger brother of Leon

- starts journey same time as you

Professor Magnolia

- professor of the Galar Region

- specializes in Dynamxing research


-granddaughter of of Professor Magnolia

-Professor Magnolias assistant

We also got a peak at one of the many gym leaders in the Galar Region, all we know is that his name is Milo and he is a grass Pokemon gym master, but if you played any other Pokemon games you know there will be much more gym masters to defeat.

The Pokemon Direct was very informative on Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword and it pushed me to wanting to make that purchase in the fall! I got more hype for this game and I know you all are too! If you haven’t checked out the direct you can watch it below, and let us know your thoughts. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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