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Humble Bundle got The Indie ps4 Goods!

What’s going on y’all! It’s WaveyGawd here from Phucaname here with some more news for all you gamers out there! Now if you don’t know about Humble Bundle, it is a digital storefront that basically lets the user decide what they want to pay to access a certain amount of games. What I mean by “let the user decide”, I mean that there are tiers of games that you can pay a certain amount of money for. For example, if a user decides to pay $1 they may receive 2 games, if they pay $5 they will receive those previous 2 games plus the other games that are under that $5 tier and so on an so forth. You can get up to maybe 5 or more games by paying a price of $15 or a little more which is a great deal for the consumer. The best part about everything is that the money you give will go to charity and the game developers so it is an incentive on you and lets you know that the money is going to a good cause.

Usually Humble Bundle primarily has PC games as the games they are selling but this time around they are having PS4 Indie games! That’s right, for all you PS4 owners including myself you can get up to 9 PS4 indie titles for the total of, $15! That is a steal, now notice I say indie games but games are games at the end of the day, and to keep it 100 some of the indie are better than some of these AAA games but that’s none of my business (LOL). Some of the games in the list include the zombie horde game Killing Floor 2, there is Shadow Warrior 2, Inner Space, Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut and many more titles.

The link for the Humble Bumble is here! Go ahead and expand your library because I will be doing the same. This Humble Bundle is ending in 13 days so you have some time but don’t wait so long that you miss out on this opportunity. Until next time y’all, peace!

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