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I want to stop all crime in NYC! (And snap pics...)

Spider-Man, the PlayStation 4 Exclusive, came out on September 7th. Ever since that day when I had free time I have been playing this game non-stop. I was excited for this game since they showed it off at E3 of 2016 and the amazing gameplay that was displayed from then on. I didn’t even care if the fighting looked the Batman Arkham series inspired because if you are going to be inspired by something, why not be inspired by a series with a fluid and smooth combat system. It also helps that I am a Spider-Man STAN since he is my favorite Superhero ever created, but even if he wasn’t that wouldn’t stop me from enjoying this fire of a game. While this game has a great story so far, I just love love love fighting crime and snapping pictures in NYC and find myself doing that more than following the actual story.

First of all I will say this, I am originally from Queens, NY ironically just like our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man which was just a coincidence to me when I was a kid. That is probably another reason why I enjoy this game so much because when I am web slinging around my hometown, I can point out everything being from there. Every time I see a landmark mission I ALWAYS go to it and snap a picture. Mainly because I get credit which can go toward the game and upgrading suits and mods but the next reason is because I recognize what I am snapping a picture of and I can say when I walked past that location or visited that location so that is my little easter egg every time I play the game. Just web slinging through the NYC skyline snapping pictures and seeing familiar sightings does it for me every time.

Another thing I find myself doing is responding to almost EVERY crime happening in the city. Again, mainly because I get credit to go towards Spider-Man suits and etc, but also because I just love the combat in this game. Like I said before it reminds me so much of the Batman Arkham series but with it’s own little twist. I would go as far to say I like it more than the combat from the Arkham games just because of the way it added Spider-Man’s takedowns and web usage so well and made it flow with the punching and kicking and aerial combos. To say that I am making the city a better place to live one step at a time is an understatement. Every time I encounter new crime in the city that is also my testing ground for new combos, to interact with the environment and just to enhance my skill at the game. Plus, those skills do help become UNSTOPPABLE!

Interacting with the city of New York especially as a New Yorker playing as my favorite Superhero of all time is a dream come true and the fact that the game is actually great just puts the cherry on top. I can honestly say I haven’t had this much fun with the side missions of a game in a long time. I will eventually beat this game a conquer the evil in NYC but for right now I am taking my sweet sweet time. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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