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"iMessage" coming to Android OS & Windows?!

No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, you are reading the title correct. A little application similar to “iMessage” from Apple could be coming to Microsoft/Android phones.

Recently at Microsoft’s Build developer conference revealed a new application called “Your Phone”, an application that brings such things as photos, texts directly from your mobile device to your Windows PC. Microsoft has stated that they hope to bring this application to both iOS and Android devices alike. However one feature that is missing is “iMessage” support, although message support in general is said to be one feature that is hard to bring to the “Your Phone” application. It is said that Microsoft would love to change that. Microsoft’s Shilpa Ranganathan has stated that Apple makes it challenging to add support for messages and they want the “Your Phone” app to have full support with “iMessage”, but wants to bring “iMessage” to Windows 10 in a way that is respectful to the ecosystem. Ranganathan has said, “Apple does make it a tad harder for messages, but we’re willing to work with Apple.” So far, Microsoft has not approached Apple about any kind of partnership yet. However, we all know Apple is very secretive and only like their own most of the time so no one knows is Apple would even agree with this.

Now on one hand, having “iMessage” on Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app would keep people on their phones. However, would Apple have anything to gain from it? I am pretty sure Apple still wants people to purchase only their items such as Mac computers, iPhones and everything else that already had built in “iMessage” support. So only thing that Apple would probably gain from this is people seeing how good this can make Microsoft and people MAY jump ship. Or just a big enough partnership that will bring them the almighty DOLLAR SIGN. A LOT OF THE DOLLAR SIGN! Do you think Microsoft could even convince Apple to jump in this “Your Phone” application? Let us know below in the comments. Peace y’all!

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