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Jedi Fallen Order: First Look

What’s goin on y’all! It’s your mans Wav3yGawd back with some more gaming news! As you all know, E3 is upon us! THE conference of all conferences! Where we get to see what is coming to us in the world of gaming! There will be a lot of upcoming news coming up this weekend and Phucaname will make sure to have everything you have missed!

By far the most talked about game is the new Star Wars game being developed by Respawn. It is under EA so gamers are excited but they know to not get all their hopes up even though the infamous tweet went out saying it was straight action adventure single player game with no microtransactions. Being that is E3 this weekend we were finally blessed with gameplay for the upcoming game, 15 MINUTES WORTH! I just watched all 15 minutes of the gameplay and I must say I am impressed. Fellow squad member CorneredFOX said he wasn’t impressed and I can see why. While I liked the gameplay footage, it feels like I have seen this before but this can be a good thing.

Now CorneredFOX said it reminded him of Prince of Persia, Star Wars: Force Unleashed and a hint of Jedi Academy. When I first saw the footage I thought it was basically Star Wars: Force Unleashed (which I am playing now) but with better graphics but I can’t JUST say that because in the gameplay it there a A LOT more combos you can do both with the force and lightsaber fighting alike. The main character of the game Cal Kestis can use the force to stop time so bullets can go slower or just stop and pull the enemy to you and move the enemy into the path of the bullet so they get hit. I was amazed by that and also with all the lightsaber combos that were being displayed and I LOVE combo heavy games. You also have a new droid companion with you by the name of BD-1. It is smaller than both R2-D2 and BB-8 but it looks like it will be just as helpful.

I feel like this game can be like Spider-Man and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Where, the game is not going to blow me away or add anything new but it will add on and take little things from other games and build on them. I think this game will be very good and I am excited for it, what about you all?! Did you watch the gameplay from EA Play? If not, you can watch it below and let us know what you think. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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