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kingdom Hearts 3 Continues...

Hey Squad, Frosty Phenix here! So it’s been enough time after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 to have serious breakdown discussions about where the story will go after this. thought they would really end this money generating series with 5 plus games of story and a mobile online game? Nah played yourself.

This is not an article about the story (there are plenty of articles for that...or go read the Wiki), but for the DLC coming to the game...AND ITS FREE . So far one change that has released (April 23rd to be precise of its release date) is a mode called “Critical Plus”, which is located as an option below Proud (Hard) Mode when going to select a new game. Critical Mode offers a new take on the battles at hand, such as increased enemy damage output, damage you deal, limited AP and HP gains (making you choose your skills wisely) and more! According to other sources (IGN and Subreddit), this level of difficulty has been highly requested, but not only will this new mode be more challenging but new skills will also be available. Another patch released to allow a new game plus mechanic allowing you to bring the KeyBlades you have earned in a previous play through into the new game. I personally played the story through Proud Mode and didn’t find much difficulty. This may be because I played most of the games so far and I know what kind of skill build I like on Sora...soooo one less thing to worry about other than adapting to Boss Fighting Strategies. I think I will engage in this new mode as a Kingdom Hearts Veteran!

Kingdom Hearts III (3) is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square-Enix, released January 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the Twelfth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts II (2) and serves as a conclusion ion to the “Dark Seeker Saga” that started with Kingdom Hearts (2002). This has been Frosty Phenix with this latest story update! Be sure to follow me across all platforms @frostyphenix! Until next time Squad, Peace!

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