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Metroid Prime 4 Update From Nintendo!

Hey guys, it’s ya man Wavey Gawd, excited to bring you this news about Metroid Prime 4! At E3 2017 when I saw that Nintendo was developing yet another installment to one of their hit franchises, Metroid Prime, I got SUPER HYPE (and have been keeping up with all updates). During Nintendo’s Treehouse conference, they were showing everything coming to their newest console, the Nintendo Switch. And just before the event ended, all you saw on the view screen that drew a bit of excitement was the title “Metroid Prime 4”, and underneath were the words “Now in Development for the Nintendo Switch” !

That was the moment when Nintendo really got my respect back because it seems like they are listening to the fans and giving them the series that they all asked for.

Looks like today we have a development update about the upcoming game. This update message is coming from Shinya Takahashi, the General Manager of the Entertainment Planning and Development Division and Supervisor of the Business Development Division and Development Administration & Support Division at Nintendo. In short, he is in charge of Development at Nintendo. So far what I heard through a couple of sources is that Retro Studios, the studio who developed the original Metroid Prime series, will be developing Metroid Prime 4 as well. So it looks like Nintendo is really going back to its roots and they clearly want this game to be nothing short of fire! I don’t think we will see any kind of announcement or gameplay for maybe a year and some change but you also can’t rush greatness. With this news are you excited for Metroid Prime 4? Have you seen the update? If not you can check it out all the details below. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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