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Michael Keaton to possibly be Batman once again...

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hey guys, Frosty Phenix here! So there has been news floating around about veteran Actor Michael Keaton in talks to return to the role of The Dark Knight for DC’s Cinematic Universe Stand-alone Flash Movie (dubbed FlashPoint from what we know). I am personally more of a Michael Keaton as Batman Fan (Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” and it’s 1992 sequel “Batman Returns”), so this makes my inner child happy. However...currently he is also MCU’s Adrian Tombs (AKA Vulture)...let’s talk about it.

So it’s been nearly 30 years since Keaton portrayed Batman in any form and is held as a fan favorite of the role behind Christian Bale, while both of whom fall behind the late and great Adam West. Keaton’s only other role as a superhero was 2014’s “Birdman” and as the villainous Adrian Tombs (AKA Vuture) in 2017’s “Spiderman: Homecoming” would this work? Is it a conflict of interest? (Trick question but the answer is also personal opinion and fanboy the choice is yours). A legit answer is no, not really. Nothing says an actor can’t do both and there are a lot of fans who, quite frankly, love both Marvel and DC Universe equally so nobody loses here. Along with this news, there are talks of Keaton’s Vulture making a cameo in Marvel’s “Morbius” film.

Twitter is definitely a main source of getting the buzz of this hopeful news out in the spotlight and I am ALL THE WAY HERE FOR IT! Batman and Batman Returns were definitely my gateway movies into comic book characters. Speculating that Keaton’s Bruce/Batman would play a role similar to a “Nick Fury” for the new generation would be MIND blowing, similar to the older Bruce in the “Batman Beyond” comic book/cartoon show. They even HINTED at this news in the CW’s 2019 “Crisis of Infinite Earths” when one of the universes to be destroyed had shown a character from the Burton Film, Alexander Knox (portrayed by the character’s original actor, Rober Will) reading a newspaper, minding his business when the antimatter wave swallowed him and the rest of the world. Another hint was the two Barry’s meeting (DCEU’s Ezra Miller and CW’s Grant Guston) in the crossover as well. Bringing Keaton onto the film proves, to me anyway, a STRONG hint that Earth-89 (where Burton’s Batman resides) was restored at the end of the epic CW crossover.

I’ll just say I am SUPER EXCITED for this possible news and gives me hope that the team managing the DCEU realized they have to approach things different from how Marvel Studios approached their current MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Whether the deal goes through or not, it does not take away the fact that Michael Keaton will ALWAYS be...Batman. I’m going to go find Tim Burton’s Batman movies and watch them now! This has been FrostyPhenix, follow me across social media @frostyphenix for my personal adventures and follow my personal twitch @frostyphenix89 for my live gaming clips and adventures. Until next time y’all, peace!

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