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New TITANS Trailer! (DC might have something up their sleeves)

If you all check out our social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) @phucaname, you will remember that a while back on May 3rd to be exact we made a post about the upcoming shows come to DC Universe. DC Universe is DC’s streaming service where users will be able to check out old DC animated movies, DC comics, the upcoming live action TV shows and of course the long awaited highly anticipated Young Justice season 3! So this service is basically DC’s version of Netflix which will probably give Netflix and the new Disney streaming service that is coming out in 2019 some competition if the shows are actually good and entertaining. Wish DC’s movies can be good and entertaining (shots fired, shots landed) LOL! We can only hope and pray that the newest Wonder Woman and Aquaman movies will stray away from the DCEU formula they have going on over there at Warner Bros. But I digress, one of the shows on our post was the new live action show Titans which is about the Teen Titans from the DC Comics starring Dick Grayson, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and many more. The show is produced by Greg Berlanti, you might’ve heard or saw his name before if you keep up with the Arrowverse CW DC TV shows (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl), but this show will be more mature, bloody and straying away from the TV Universe. I think this show can be fire if they do the characters and the villains right. Titans just released a trailer from San Diego Comic Con which WE will actually be at this year so make sure you check us out around the area! You can watch the full trailer below! Let us know what you think of it and if you are excited for it when it comes out this fall. Also, let us know if you hear what Robin says when he has his action scene and if you find this insulting or badass! Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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