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Nier Automata X Soul Caliber VI (2B added to the roster)

For those of you who have played Nier: Automata, then you know that it was a great game that came out in 2017. I bought the game and was very pleased with my $60 purchase, now I did not complete and see ALL the endings but I was thoroughly impressed with everything about the game from the music to the hack and slash combo heavy gameplay. To make fans of the game even happier, the newly released Soul Caliber VI is adding the main character from Nier: Automata. That’s right, 2B will be added to the Soul Caliber VI roster and after seeing her moves and combos in the trailer and how it looks exactly like the hack and slash combos in her own game, it is safe to say that I am definitely hype about it and am here for it! One of the stages from Nier: Automata will be added as well as a new stage which looks FIRE, along with skins, stickers, music and of course her weapons! However, knowing today’s gaming climate she will probably be paid DLC and I am not happy with paying for DLC like that, but I might have to break that just for this instance. The trailer for the newest fighter in Soul Caliber VI is below. Are you hype for her?! Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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