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Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019 - Everything Announced!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

What’s going on y’all this is your man’s Wav3yGawd here with some gaming news for all you Nintendo fanboys out there! Yesterday Nintendo had a direct to give more information on their upcoming games as well as many release dates for other titles coming to the switch.

Now if you checked our social media recently (if you don’t then just follow @phucaname across all social media platforms) then you will see that we posted that a leak from a retail store suggested that Overwatch will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Even though it was a rumor everybody posted it and thought this was true, and as soon as the direct started Nintendo showed that those rumors were true indeed! Nintendo revealed that Overwatch will be coming to the switch on October 15th, which I feel is a great move because now you can play it on the go!

Along with that amazing news, Nintendo gave some information on their upcoming title Luigi’s Mansion 3 which will release on Halloween of this year:

Luigi’s Mansion 3

- Will take place in a hotel

- Each floor will have a different theme

- Will include a mode called Scream Park: multiplayer mode with 2 teams (Team Luigi vs Team Gooigi)

More details were shared about Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield as well. There were 4 main components Nintendo shared for the upcoming title.

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

1. Customizing your look

- Will be able to customize outerwear, hairstyles, makeup many other details

2. Pokemon Camp

- Will be able to camp with your Pokemon

- Can play and get to know them and can grow their skills

- Can go to other player camps and connect with their Pokemon

3. Curry on rice

- Meal for your Pokemon

- Can nourish and grow their skills depending on what ingredients you put in

- There are over 100 curry recipes

4. New Pokemon

- Polteageist - body made of tea

- Cramorant - flying & water type Pokemon

If you want to know more about Pokemon Sword & Shield you can check our write up of the Pokemon Direct here, remember the game comes to the Nintendo switch exclusively on November 15th.

In the direct, Nintendo also announced some new titles coming such as the new free to start Kirby game, Super Kirby Clash! It is a team up game that can be played locally or online, you can either play it by yourself or with randoms or friends.

Mario & Sonic will have another Olympic game and this time they will be in Tokyo and will have some game modes in a classic 2D sprite style for all the characters!

Another big announcement in the direct had to do with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since the E3 direct they announced that Banjo & Kazzoie will be joining the fight, and right now as we speak they are available for people that purchased the Fighter pack, or just purchased the characters in general! The director of the game Masahiro Sakurai had a lengthy demonstration of how to use the characters, you can watch it below if interested.

A new challenger is also in development from Fatal Fury, Terry Bogard will be joining the fight in November later this year. And even though the fighter pass only has one more slot, Nintendo announced that more DLC characters will be coming!

Nintendo also announced a lot of release dates and demos coming for certain games. The list is below:

Super Kirby Clash - Available now! (Free to start)

Witcher 3: Complete Edition - October 15th

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 - November 5th

Daemon x Machina - September 13th (second demo out now, full game will have online play)

Xenoblade Chronicles Remake - 2020

Trials of Mana HD Remake - April 24, 2020

Return of Obra Dinn - Fall 2019

Little Town Hero - October 16th, pre order available

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening - September 20th

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition - Demo out now!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore - January 17, 2020 (pre order available)

Deadly Premonitions 2: A Blessing in Disguise - 2020

Deadly Premonitions Origins - Available now!

Divinity: Original Sin Definitive Edition - Available now in eShop (includes Steam cross save)

Doom 64 - November 22

Rogue Company - 2020

Tetris 99 Update - Survival mode

As part of their online service, Nintendo will also add SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) online. You will be able to play classic SNES games on the switch, some online and some will even have a rewind feature. Along with this news, a wireless classic SNES controller will be releasing so you can have real retro feel when playing these games, it will be $29.99! Animal Crossing also shared some news about their new game coming to the switch and some new features!

There was a lot of information shared in this Nintendo direct and if you missed it you can watch it below! Are you excited for all these updates!? Will you be playing Overwatch on the go?! Let us know in the comments below! I know right now I am playing Astral Chain so I will be on that for a while! Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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