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Nintendo outsells their own creation

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a solid 10 months now. I know for me personally when I saw the console in the beginning I initially thought “Oh cool another Wii U!” and I said that in my most sarcastic voice of excitement. That was me before but now I must say, The console is great and so are the games coming to it and the ones that came out for it, I am actually waiting on my Bayonetta 2 copy as I write this article. Well, it seems that everybody else seems to think that the Switch is the FIRE right now with the history it is making of it being the fastest selling console in U.S. History and it surpassing the first 9 months sales of the PlayStation 2 in Japan. Now they out sold another console but this time its a double whammy! The Switch out sells its predecessor the Nintendo Wii U but get this, it outsells the Wii U WHOLE LIFE SPAN. Mind you the Switch has only been out 10 months while the Wii U has been out for a about 6 years! What a turn for a Nintendo yet again! The Switch just keeps making history and I don’t think it will slow down with the release of highly anticipated games such as Metroid Prime 4 and the new Pokemon game currently in development as well as Bayonetta 3 which I am FOR SURE going to get to add to my collection! Nintendo receives yet another W. Look at the information below to see the exact numbers.

Nintendo Switch current Sales (hardware):

14.86 Million Units

Nintendo Wii U Life Span Sales (hardware):

13.56 Million Units

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