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Nintendo Switch outsells a major console

Nintendo’s latest console the Switch has been out for about 9 months now, it released back in March of 2017 and I know I was hesitant on getting it because to me and to others there was only one game that I wanted and that was Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Funny thing is that you could’ve also got that on the Nintendo Wii U so you weren’t obligated to purchase the Switch. BUT, as time went forward more advertisements for new games were coming out and the switch started to look more innovative to me and it was capturing my attention, then by E3 when I saw all the games coming out for it and some of the gameplay from certain games I was sold on it! From the upcoming Kirby game, the surprise announcement of a Pokemon game in development and of course Super Mario Oddysey. The console wasn’t to appealing to me at first but, the whole world was still buying it and it was flying off the shelves during those first couple of months. You couldn’t even get the switch like that before (still can’t), you would have to catch Amazon on a good day and hoped they had some in stock or even go to GameStop when they started selling it and even then it was damn near impossible to get one. Well, all that purchasing of the Switch definitely paid off because we have been articles that it is one of the fastest selling console and everything and now we have heard that it surpassed the first year sales of one of the greatest consoles ever made, the PlayStation 2 (remember that magical thing) in Japan that is. In its first year, the PlayStation 2 sold 3,016,622 units in Japan, that’s pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Now the Nintendo Switch that has been out since March of 2017 (mind you this is from March 2017 to December 24, 2017) has sold a whopping 3,258,083 units in Japan! Incredible numbers! That’s not even a whole year and they already beat out the PS2. While I was a little shaky on the switch because I thought it was lowkey another Wii U I am now swallowing my former words of doubt and I am now giving a slow hand clap to Nintendo now. With all the marketing and especially all the GAMES being announced and the games already out and these records they are breaking in numbers things are looking even more on the up and up with Nintendo. Another great job! If you want a break down of the comparisons of the PS2 and Nintendo Switch in Japan by months you can look below.

Month PS2 (Released March 4 2000) Nintendo Switch (Released March 3 2017)

March 885,023 Units 524,371 Units

April 512,953 Units 234,817 Units

May 227,725 Units 127,314 Units

June 298,880 Units 29,971 Units

July 367,190 Units 294,311 Units

August 223,822 Units 254,489 Units

September 157,613 Units 168,810 Units

October 116,440 Units 307,138 Units

November 62,025 Units 372,619 Units

December 164,950 Units 844,243 Units (4 weeks)

Total 3,016,622 Units 3,258,083 Units

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