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Not Everything is Meant to Be

I know for many people when Bungie announced many years ago that they would be partnering with Activision, people were disgusted to say the least. Bungie was doing great things with Microsoft with the Halo series making quality games that had good stories and from what I heard some of the best multiplayer. Now I know I will get crucified for this, but I was a PlayStation and Nintendo child growing up and didn’t get into XBox so I never played any of the Halos. Crazy I know LOL. However, I did know that if you have a good thing going you probably shouldn’t leave it, especially for a company like Activision. This would come to light when Destiny would come out in 2014. So much backlash came with the game because of the lack of story, horrible microtransactions and hiding content off the disc and putting it in paid DLC. I only played the Destiny demo and wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but I felt bad for people who did because they were basically paying for a game twice which is awful. Destiny was a big offender of treating a $60 AAA game with a free to play model which is disgusting and wrong on so many levels. Same was met with Halo 5 which had the same horrible microtransactions which led to backlash, almost the same that Destiny were met with.

However, it was announced today that Activision and Bungie will be PARTING WAYS. All i can say is, in the words of LeBron James, “It’s about damn time!”. While the gaming community I know will be ecstatic with this news, apparently champagne bottles were being popped over at Bungie!

Now no one seems to know the reason why this really happened all of a sudden, could it be Bungie just wanted to get out of the deal or Activision was unsatisfied in the Destiny's sales numbers. While Activision is not responsible for ALL of Destiny's flaws, they are responsible for of course the horrible money issues that have coincided with this game and the ruhed timetable that probably made the money issues to begin with. Seems like Bungie and Activision never learned from the mistakes of the first Destiny neither, because even when Destiny 2 dropped some of the same things were occuring. Again, Activision is not to blame fully because Bungie signed the deal as well and made the game.

I will say there are good bad things to this news. The good thing and probably the best thing about this news is that now Bungie is fully independent and not under Activision and will be able to have freedom over what they want to create in the future. The bad news is that now, what they gain in freedom they lose in resources, money and most importantly marketing which we all know isn’t cheap especially for a game like Destiny. However, after saying that, with Destiny's hardcore fan base and them having full freedom to develop what they want now, it might not be the biggest issue because the game might be able to market itself. If they can just go back to the way they were before the cash hungry company known as Activision came to consume them, and if they get back to how they were with Halo, the sky could be the limit with Bungie and their beloved Destiny. Let’s just all be glad that it was EA that Bungie partnered with, am i right?!

With all that being said, are you all excited about this move?! Destiny fans, are you all pumped up that things could be looking up?! I actually might have to get back into Destiny 2, if the squad is up for it. Maybe Destiny 3?? Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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