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Oceans 8: Beyond a Tribute

While the hype surrounding this movie may not necessarily be comparable to some of the other newly released, and upcoming blockbusters, I would surmise that expectations were high for fans of this series; including myself. I have always enjoyed the suspense of a good heist that the Ocean's series typically has done well and with style. Knowing to an extent what is going to happen, but not knowing how you're going to get there adds to the thrill of the chase. That being said, Oceans 8 meets those expectations and then some.

For starters, you don't actually have to have seen the Ocean's trilogy to follow what's happening in the events in Oceans 8, however, there are some appearances that will be made more satisfying if you had; specifically, at the very beginning and end of the film. Though you could argue there being multiple main characters, the story begins with Debbie Ocean [Sandra Bullock], Frank Ocean's younger sister [George Clooney], being released from prison on parole after a 5-year stint. While Sandra Bullock and the parole scene did not initially draw me in, her tact and albeit viciousness became undeniable as events unfolded. She makes it very clear how she made use of those years behind bars.

She immediately forms a team to pull off an impossible heist that even her older brother would be proud of. As the team builds one by one and the odds against them increase and the signature that is Oceans begins to show. The plan to pull off the perfect heist unfolds and the finesse of handling unforeseen circumstances is in full gear. This inevitably brings me to my one and only complaint of this movie. Some of the challenges, while absolutely believable, were seemingly too easy to solve. The sister of a genius happens to also be a genius material scientist kind of thing. Entertaining but definitely begs the question if someone was using the reality stone a little too much.

I will spare the details and spoilers but leave you with this. This is a must see for a fan of the Oceans trilogy and newbie alike. You will find out before the credits roll that things were not as predictable as they seemed and be overall pleased because of the journey. The film has been out for a while now, but check out the official trailer below before you go see it!

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