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Preparation for MCU Phase 4!

It has been 10 years in the making. 10 years of character building, story crafting and entertaining while doing so. We here at PHUCANAME are excited with you! Amidst all the trailers and darn near spoilers of the movie, we’ll look back instead and share our top 3 favorite moments from any of the (Canon) Marvel Movies to help build the hype and reignite memories that have made the last decade of superhero movies GOLDEN. Let’s get started!

Frosty Phenix:

My top 3 favorite marvel movie moments have been staples in my respect for the storytelling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far:

  1. In Captain America: Winter Soldier, as Captain America and the Winter Soldier confronted each other in the street for their first full on brawl, I was on the edge of my seat. And I felt for Cap when the fight ended with his adversary’s mask falling off, revealing that his most recent and dangerous enemy was his best friend Bucky whom he thought had died years prior.

  2. In Captain America: Civil War, when Captain America and Bucky tag teamed Iron Man (Tony Stark) in the final fight of “Captain America: Civil War”, sharing Cap’s shield like an iconic video game super combo.

  3. In Iron Man 2, when Tony Stark discovered the formula for a new power source for his Iron Man suit via his father’s small scale model of the Stark Expo, saying quote “All these years and still taking me to school”


With the excitement of the newest movie to come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Avengers: Infinity War, this will mark one of the biggest and most expensive movies ever made in film. This movie is also is marking the conclusion of many movies spanning across 10 years. Infinity War will show us one of the biggest threats to the Marvel Universe as we know it, Thanos! In the comics he is a mad titan who is behind so many evil doings along with other beings and it is the same in the MCU. In this movie he will be collecting what he has been searching for for so long, the mighty Infinity Gems for the fabled Infinity Gauntlet. With this power in Thanos’ hands, there is no telling what is in store for earth’s mightiest heroes. Within the span of the 10 years the MCU has been around, there were many moments that stood out to me that were my favorites but I will share my top 3 moments that I was just in shock and awe about:

  1. The first moment is the mid-credit scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see the Infinity Gauntlet on a stand behind a door and suddenly the door opens and we see who else but the mad titan himself Thanos, as he reaches for the Gauntlet puts it on and says, “Fine! I’ll do it myself!”. Chills went all through my body seeing the Titan, just knowing that pretty soon he was about PULL UP AND MESS EVERYTHING UP!

  2. The next moment is from Avengers: Age of Ultron, this one was definitely not as big to some but was huge to me. When the Avengers are in a lab and looking for something (I am sorry I forgot what is was at the moment) and they stumble on Ulysses Klaw, Black Panthers arch enemy and then they start to mention where he could be and they mention Captain America’s shield and what is was made of. Of course vibranium, and Captain America says the place that makes that rare metal and that is where they will find Klaw, then they finally say Wakanda! I SWEAR MY EYES POPPED WIDE OPEN! In my mind I knew when they said Wakanda that my mans Black Panther was for sure going to be in the MCU and got so excited because I wondered about all the possibilities that could happen within the Universe. I actually saw this movie with fellow squad member CorneredFOX and some friends and when they mentioned Wakanda at that moment in the film, he nudged me with his elbow and whispered, “Bruh Black Panther!” and I was just like “I knoooowwwwww!” LOL. The scene where they were in Wakanda, I swear I never looked so hard for a character in a movie in my life!

  3. The last moment that made my top 3, is a tie if you believe that. In the film, The Avengers, the scene where they are fighting in NYC and they are all standing in a circle and the camera is just going around them and the theme music starts playing, to me that meant a lot and it was just fantastic. Even though, I didn’t read a lot of Avengers comics growing up I heard about them through other comics I read and cartoon shows based on Marvel characters, but I also know many older comic book heads were waiting for this moment for a LONG time. To see this amazing team go to the silver screen and seeing them come to life I just felt happy for the older people that grew up with these characters and stories and even I knew the significance of it. The other scene is actually from Spider-Man: Homecoming, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of and Spider-Man is my favorite Superhero ever! But the scene with Donald Glover and Spidey talking I loved because he was playing the uncle to another Spider-Man known as Miles Morales who I am a big fan of. During their confrontation, Donald Glover mentions that he has a nephew that goes to school in the city and right there I knew who he was talking about and got excited again! Again, I was wondering if they were really going to go the route of Miles in the MCU and what stories they can tell.

The One True N00b:

1. The continuous shot of the Avengers during the Battle of New York In one seamless take, we get to see all of our favorite Marvel heroes duking it out with the Chitauri all while getting a chance to shine in their own right ( yes, even Hawkeye ). Before Thanos, this was the culmination that everyone was looking forward to and did not disappoint, not at all! 2. Welcome to Wakanda I've been to Africa and seen its beauty and culture up close. So when T'challa and company go through the force field and enter into the nation's true splendor, it was as if I myself briefly returned to Kenya. The attention to detail, whether in the architecture, the ambience of African life, or even the traditions upheld, was astounding. I must say I didn't have the Black Panther revolution that most of the my people had, but when I saw Wakanda, for a moment, I did feel as if I was truly home. 3. Nick's Fury Superheroes usually have some advantage whether it be strength, speed or even intellect. But in Winter Soldier, when Nick Fury was attacked by seeming officers of the law, all he had was his wits and gut ( and tech ) to fight back. That scene was cool and was a great callback to some good old fashioned ingenuity, instinct, and yes...working air conditioners.

Daybreak Paladin:

1. Avengers Assemble, Avengers (2012)

Starting with Bruce Banner showing up with the “That’s my secret Cap...I’m always angry” line, the slow-motion transformation, Hulk punching the intergalactic snot out of the flying Chitauri worm and finally having that epic continuous shot of all the Avengers finally coming together ready to kick ass. Really, it’s probably one of my favorite moments from ANY movie.

2. Iron Man and War Machine vs Hammer Drones (Iron Man 2, 2010)

It’s a great scene that starts off with some funny banter between Stark and Rhodey and leads into about a minute of Iron Man and War Machine absolutely tearing those drones apart. Powered armor, lasers, machine guns, and metal flying everywhere. It’s absolute carnage and it’s glorious. What more could you want from a marvel movie?

3. Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man (Captain America: Civil War, 2016)

This was the ultimate superhero smackdown. There’s a reason people called this movie Avengers 2.5. It had all of the heroes introduced up to the movie’s release (aside from the Guardians of the Galaxy) in a huge brawl. It was also the first appearance of Black Panther and the debut of Spider-Man after his rights were FINALLY returned to Marvel after being held by Sony for years. It’s the best of the Marvel universe showing off their skills. Spider-Man is web slinging, Iron Man is blasting, Cap is throwing his shield and Ant-Man is shrinking...and growing. It’s every Marvel fan’s dream come true.

Desertskies:( From greatest to least greatest)

  1. Who Are You? (Black Panther, 2018) - Now this scene was probably made into a million memes and for good reason. Here we have T’Challa and Killmonger really meet face to face and its epic. Killmonger makes claims to the throne and T’Challa looking nervous as literally one scene earlier he realizes who he is. Then Killmonger says that one line, “Ask me who I am?” After playing around for a little one of the village elders ask him. Then in their native tongue Killmonger tells them exactly who he is and he says hello to his auntie.

  2. Puny God (The Avengers, 2012) - The Avenger’s heavy hitter Hulk and the made villain Loki meet. Are we in for an epic battle between god and mortal? Nope!!! Hulk beats the crap out of Loki and leaves him beaten and bruised on the ground; and to add insult to injury he calls him a puny god.

  3. ...I Am Iron Man (Iron Man, 2008) - After surviving being hit by a grenade, being kidnapped, and fighting his family friend, Tony Stark finally earned some peace. All he had to do was face the reporters and he could return to his regular life. He was one white lie away and what does he tell the whole world...I Am Iron Man.


Thor vs. Hulk


This battle of the two titans of the Avengers was something that many fans had been anxiously wondering about whether it would happen or not; a clash between the mighty Thor, and the incredible Hulk. This fight certainly did not disappoint, and was clear, concise, and equally as strong! Everything from the raging Hulk being whacked across the jaw with Mjolnir to the two wrestling aboard the Shield battleship gave us something reminiscent of a candle shining twice as bright, and seemingly half as long as we might have wanted it to last!

Black Panther & Wakanda


The entirety of the movie, Black Panther, was an incredible moment and experience for me. Everything from the cast to the wardrobes, the art direction to the creative design were incredibly awe-inspiring. Focusing specifically on Wakanda, this is a city of dreams, imaginations, and something that comic fans and true believers have waited far too long to see reflected on the big screen. The magnificence of Wakanda, the calmness with which it displays the pinnacle of futurism, is something to be treasured by fans of all creative mediums.

Cap 2 - Elevator Scene


In a movie that can very well be described as flawless, and the peak of MCU direction and writing, Captain America: The Winter Soldier provided us many amazing moments. None of which, for me, were greater than that crazy elevator scene. Steve Rogers, our very own Cap himself, finds himself escorted on an elevator by some soon to be unlucky goons. In an act of the purest badassery, prompts anyone to leave if they’re ready, before kicking the patriotic shit out of everyone! In a movie filled with 10/10 moments, this scene shone above the rest for me.

Well there you have it! Do you agree with the team? What are your favorite moments? Comment below, let’s chat! And be sure to enjoy Marvel’s Avengers! Infinity War! Out in theaters near you today!!

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