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PS Plus Games - April Edition

Just how Xbox has their yearly subscription Games with Gold and you can get “free” games every month, PlayStation has the same agenda with PS Plus. Now last month, PlayStation had the FIREEE with their “free” games for March with BloodBourne and Rachet & Clank for PS4. I actually downloaded them myself, but due to my backlog of games I haven’t gotten around to them yet. *Sigh*, life of a gamer right?! Lol. I also been on Dragon Ball FighterZ a lot but that’s besides the point. For April, I think PlayStation fell off a little bit but the games are still good for the price tag of “free”.

This month, for you PS4 users you will receive 2 games. The first game you will receive is “Mad Max”, the game based on the movie which I’ve heard was pretty good, not a Game of the Year contender but a nice movie to video game adaptation. The second game you will receive is “Trackmania Turbo”, a racing game more with a heavier focus on stunts, but of course winning the race is still the objective. This game was actually available for XBox Games with Gold in the month of November, so if you have both consoles and missed out on that game before, here is your chance to try the game out for “free” one more time.

For you PS3 users, you will receive “In Space We Brawl” (never heard of this before) which is a galactic twin stick shooter for up to 4 players and also offers local multiplayer. The next game you receive is “Toy Home” (another unknown game to me), another racing game but the objective for this is to collect coins, discover hidden medals, but you also get points for jumping smashing and flipping in certain rooms. This game also offers online multiplayer action for up to 8 players. So PS3 has a lot of multiplayer action this month, we see you last generation!

Finally for all you PS Vita holders (shout out to you for supporting this portable that SONY never supported themselves btw lol), you will be receiving “99Vidas” and “Q*Bert rebooted" (a cross buy with the PS3/PS4). 99Vidas is a side scrolling beat ‘em up inspired by the classics side scrollers of the 1980s and 1990s such as Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. Q*Bert Rebooted is actually the 5th game in the old Q*Bert series which I have heard didn’t have the best reviews but I also don’t have the Vita so I won’t be able to judge this one.

Those are your “free” games for the month of April from PlayStation, if you are running out of games to play (which you’re probably not) or don’t want to spend any dollars on anything then give these games a try. Let us know if you’re going to check them out in the comments below. I know I MIGHT give Mad Max a try just to say I played it or whatever. Until next time yall, PEACE!

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