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PS Plus has the FIRE for March!

Now I know if you are like me then you are ballin’ on a budget (adulting is hard), and you might want to get every game that is coming out but you may not be able to afford them all. However, that is why there are such things as PS Plus where you can get some “free” games every month. Well as long as you pay that annual $60 fee, hence the "free". Now last month wasn’t the best month for PS Plus with some OK games. This month however has some FIRE that I think can make you free some space on your PlayStation 4, but of course there are games for you last generation PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners as well.

For PlayStation 4 first we have the third person Action RPG Bloodbourne. Play as Hunter through the Gothic, Victorian Era inspired city of Yharnam and terminate the plague that is infecting the community.

The second game for PlayStation 4 is the remastered Ratchet & Clank that came out in 2016 which was met with great praise and reviews. With mastered graphics and gameplay to suit your PS4 and additional content to pass for a 2016 gaming “feeling”.

For PlayStation 3, last generation users will get the critically torn apart Mighty No. 9, and the third person action title Legend of Kay. And for you PS Vita holders (how many of you there are), you will receive Claire: Extended Cut and Bombing Busters.

I have heard of 3 out of the 6 games on here, then again “free” is “free”. But the two PS4 games are a great deal for “free” so I would suggest picking them up. Sheesh, I am about to do the same in March as well and free up some data on my PS4. Enjoy y'all!

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