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PSN ID name changes are live!

What’s goin on y’all it’s your mans Wav3yGawd here back with some more video game news! Yes you read that title right, PSN is FINALLY letting you change your Playstation Network ID names! It took them forever, but hey better late than never right!? This feature got introduced to the public back in October which everyone was excited for because XBox has been had this feature for a while and many people want to change that immature PSN online ID that they probably had since they were in high school LOL!

This name change feature will work similar to how the XBox name change feature works. For PSN it will be free the first time you do it, but after that it will cost $9.99, however if you are a PlayStation Plus member you will only have to pay $4.99. This feature will work perfectly with games published after April 1st of 2018, but there are a couple games that have had issues working or had a couple of hiccups following a PSN name change. Games such as NBA 2k19, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Grand Theft Auto 5, The Last of Us and Warframe have all had reported issues with gamertags not displaying on the screen or games just initializing to their default state. Sony also addressed some potential problems that could be a result to changing your PSN ID, problems such as you losing trophy tracking, leaderboard data or to make matters worse, save game progress. Another big issue that could potentially happen is DLC might not be accessible anymore which is a big no no especially if you paid for it previously.

While it is great that Sony is FINALLY implementing this change, there are plenty of threats that you can face if you make these changes. I would only make the change if I am confident that my data won’t get erased or have other issues. Sony has to clearly keep working on this if they want to clear up these potential threats. This could be a big reason why it took them so long, but XBox seemed to have got it right so I don’t know what is going on at this point. Are you all excited about this implementation from Sony? Let us know in the comments. This has been Wav3yGawd! Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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