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RockStar brings the JAMS in GTA: Nightlife Update

With two months of anticipation and teases, AAA game developer RockStar finally released their long anticipated DLC titled “NightLife” to the Grand Theft Auto audience this past 21st of July, and I’ve got to say I am highly impressed.

With 2017’s “Doomsday Heists” DLC being their last major update to game play options, fans were left wondering “how could you top flying Deloreans and Orbital Cannons?”. It seems the company took the coast route by adding a feature that, in my opinion, had be long overdue to this game...your character can DANCE now (AND ANYWHERE NOW I MIGHT ADD)! This new club scene puts your character in a night life scenario, bringing an overdue head bopping, booty shaking vibe to your criminal activities.

You partner with Gay Tony, a well know character to many (this is the first GTA I have personally ever owned, but even I have heard of Gay Tony), who brings his retirement woes from Liberty City to your backyard in Los Santos to take over the night life while helping you run nefarious business down below. It’s the perfect cover (very cliche, but we’ll roll with it right?). Tony brings along with him a familiar face, the ever annoying Lazlo (if you’ve played the Grand Theft Auto 5 main story offline campaign, you’d probably feel this way too) and another new character, “English Mike” (smashing fellow if I do say so myself).

So far with the new update comes owning the night club as mentioned, along with a few new cars AND a new radio station called the Los Santos Underground Radio Station (top of the car radio option wheel to the right of another recent station “Blonded Radio”). This station features exclusive mixed music from the added DJ’s, “Solomun” and “Tale of Us”. When you own a club, these DJ’s are your current two choices for “Resident DJ’s” to keep your club jumpin and the bodies comin.

When/if you choose to own a club instead of just attending them, starting prices with no additions start off around $1.3 million in game. To run the club’s underground operations you’ll need to be a VIP, own a CEO company or be president of a Motorcycle club. For a $60 (yes, still FULL PRICE unless you catch a used copy or a good online sale) game to still be going this strong with content, you has to admit this is one impressive achievement. Grand Theft Auto 5 is available on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC.

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