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RUMOR Alert: New Release Dates During 2018 Video Game Awards!?

The Video Game Awards have been going on for quite some time and has been a staple in the gaming community. It is where video game designers, creators and voice actors alike receive awards for all their hard work and man hours put into a particular game. Usually we get new gameplay and release dates from certain upcoming games as well. Well this year we all know from the past 2 E3’s that Sony is releasing to BIG games soon, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tshshima. Mind you this is just a rumor, but it is POSSIBLE that we can see new gameplay AND RELEASE DATES for both of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives!

This rumor started with a subsidiary of PlayStation, more specifically PlayStation Brazil where they accidently sent in a direct mail that both Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding will have new trailers at the The Game Awards which will conclude with the respective release dates to those games. Although these are rumors , this information does kind of lineup with Hideo Kojima saying that it is expected to see a release date for his upcoming game Death Stranding before the end of 2018. If that is true, why not do it on the stage where all gamers will be watching!? Remember The 2018 Game Awards will take place on December 6th 2018 at 8:30 PM EST. You will be able to stream it via Twitch and YouTube. Will you all be watching? Does this rumor entice you at all? I know we at Phucaname will be watching regardless. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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