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Sailor Moon on YouTube...FOR FREE!

What’s going on everybody, Wav3yGawd here! Boy do I have news for all you Otakus, Weebs and classic anime heads out there! Since the movie “Sailor Moon Eternal” is coming out soon, which is a cinematic retelling of the Dream arc where the Senshi Face face off against the Dead Moon Circus, Crunchyroll decided to give the fans episodes to watch for FREE on YouTube! That way we can re-experience all the episodes that lead up to the new movie, which is set to hit theaters in Japan on September 11th!

Crunchyroll announced this week that starting this Friday April 24th, they will begin posting every episode from the first 3 seasons of Sailor Moon on YouTube...FOR FREE! The episodes will release in batches of 10, so we can’t binge watch the whole thing unfortunately, but we have something to look forward to every week from Friday until July 11th. Since all 3 seasons lead up to the movie like I stated above, now’s a great time to catch up on everything! So if you have any friends that miss this classic anime and don’t want to buy the DVD collection or subscribe/pay for to an anime streaming service, tell them about this and I am sure they will tune in every week (especially now during quarantine). I know this was my gateway to anime so I would tune in. However, being the anime fan that I am, I already am subscribed to Crunchyroll and have the season 1 DVD collection of Sailor Moon so it’s not necessary for me. But maybe I’ll check it out just to see what it’s like. Will y’all be tuning in this Friday for some free Sailor Moon or are you cool off of that?! Let us know in the comments and also check out the trailer for “Sailor Moon Eternal” below if you haven’t yet. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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