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SONY announces the PlayStation Classic (Retro Kids rejoice!)

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing isn’t it?! Nostalgia/retro has definitely been making a comeback lately especially within the last year with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic and how good it sold. For a minute you couldn’t find it anywhere and that can be due to the fact that people want that old thing back (shoutout to Jay Z for that line lol). Well, PlayStation is taking a play right out of the Nostalgia and Nintendo playbook and are releasing the PlayStation Classic.

The PlayStation Classic is set to be released on December 3rd, 2018 with a price of $99.99 and it will be loaded with 20 “genre defining” games including including Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer Type 4. In addition to the miniature console, buyers will also receive two classic PS1 controllers for multiplayer games when they purchase the bundle. There is not a full list of games but from a press release Sony confirmed two other games are coming, Jumping Flash and Wild Arms. This is a good move for Sony to jump on the Nostalgia/retro train and get a good number in sales because we all know PlayStation had the HITS! I think they should really consider putting everyone’s favorite dragon Spyro on this console, as well many other classics such as Capcom Vs. SNK, Crash, Crash Team Racing, Megaman Legends and that’s just to name a few. Fellow Squad member DaybreakPaladin thinks they should put games like Medievil, Suikoden and Soul Reaver on there too. What do y’all think of this?! Is this a must cop? Or have all your retro games come in the form of remasters for your next gen consoles already? Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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