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Sony is FINALLY joining in on the action!

For years, all gamers wanted to do was to be able to play games with their friends that are on another consoles aka cross platform play. While Nintendo, PC and XBox has done this with a few select games like Rocket League and the infamous Fortnite Battle Royale, Sony has always been the oddball out the consoles and never wanting to greenlight idea. Even though we know that this is possible after the mistake that took place last year when Fortnite Battle Royale was supporting cross platform play with XBox and PS4 for all of but a couple of hours. But now it looks like Sony is FINALLY listening to the many community comments and seems like the light bulb came on upstairs. Sony will be supporting cross platform play, while they say it is for “select third party games” this is still something to cheer about!

In a recent blog post, Sony says:

“Following a comprehensive evaluation process, SIE has identified a path toward supporting cross-platform features for select third party content. We recognize that PS4 players have been eagerly awaiting an update, and we appreciate the community’s continued patience as we have navigated through this issue to find a solution.”

Cross Platform begins today with Fortnite Battle Royale where PS4 owners will be able to battle it out with PC, Mac, Mobile, Nintendo Switch and XBox One owners in an open beta. This can be the start of something very special, more games can have a greater life span because of this and gamers can play their favorite games with each other what console you might have. Will this come to games like NBA 2K or Call of Duty? If it comes to NBA 2K, will 2K’s servers be able to handle all that traffic??! Let’s just hope from a gaming community standpoint that this can work, only time will tell. Until next time y’all, PEACE!

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