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Squad Terminology & Codenames

The 0ne True N00b here to bring you some more party chat! Anyone who’s ever had a game night at their place knows about “House Rules”. You know, those heavily enforced “maybe” rules that your friends or siblings will literally fight you to the death over, many of which have been proven wrong (I knew you couldn’t chain Draw Two’s and Fours in UNO, I KNEW IT!).

When playing video games growing up, my friends and I had “House Terms” that we would frequently use when playing our favorite games. These are not unlike shortened terms frequently found within walkthroughs such as Pokemon’s STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves or Viewtiful Joe’s “Red-Hot One Hundred” (Combining Zoom-In and Slowness for massive damage). “House Terms” are un-official terminology used to describe actions, locations, or things in the game usually tied to some inside joke, something culturally significant, or because we were frickin’ 9 year olds at the time and thought it sounded funny.

One of the games that spawned the most house terms in my childhood was Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Below are some of the terms my friends and I came up with along with appropriate descriptors for what was happening in the game:

Anti-Slap: Ganondorf’s Neutral Attack

Now with 7% more kill confirm!

Backboarding: The process of juggling your opponent off the wall.

Respect: When an opponent got a Legendary pokemon ( YES, we played with items...sometimes ), all other players as a sign of respect, would let the attack hit them.

The People’s Knee: Captain Falcon’s Forward Air Attack ( when it connected perfectly )

Link abuse in un-intentional. (Image from Smash Wiki)

Fast-forward to today, and Squad still uses terms for a variety of games we play. For example, Apex Legends has a myriad of places and loot you can acquire. Sure, you can use the actual names of things ( they are right on the screen ), but where’s the fun in that? One of the things that can solidify bonds between frequent players are making these fun little codenames for places, plus they might earn a laugh or two every now and then ( especially on off days ). Below is a sampling of some of the “codes” we use within squad to describe certain events in the game. We hope you find some of them humorous.


Artillery: Rikers Runoff: North Dump

Water Treatment: South Dump

Hydro Dam: Wet Wet Marketplace: Wal-Mart

The one plains area with several loot bins: Nebraska


Caustic: Death

Pathfinder: Paper Trail ( And whatever else The One True N00b names him )

Octane: Drugs Wraith: Voidbae


Good Guns: Gun Gun

Bad Guns : Biques ( Short for Mozambique )

Semi - Auto: Pop Pop Full Auto: Brrrrrrrap ( roll tongues appropriately )

Arc Star: Ninja

If a place has been looted: Checked

If a place has not been looted: Fresh

Optics: Eyes

When you run into Caustic’s trap: Psssssst ( As in “ Help, I got pssssssst’ed )

Psssssst, I finished you.

There you have it. What “house terms” have you guys created either now or in your childhood? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check Phucaname ( for all your gaming news!

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