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Super Smash Bros. meets Cowboy Bebop!

What’s goin on everybody, Wav3yGawd here! Cowboy Bebop is herald as one of the best animes to ever come out, I am currently watching it myself and so far I see why people are saying this. Super Smash Bros. a fighting game with all Nintendo characters duking it out is one of the most well known franchises to casual gamers as well as the hardcore FGC/hardcore gamers. Now what do you get when you put two G.O.A.T. franchises together?! Complete awesomeness! A Youtuber by the name of harthur mashed the two universes together via the classic Cowboy Bebop opening, so big shout-out to them! Check it out below and let us know what y’all think! Until next time y’all, this has been Wav3yGawd, PEACE!

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