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The People are Professional Critics?!

What’s good squad, Frosty Phenix here! When we all watch movies or tv shows, we either become it’s biggest fan or its biggest critic. We here at Phucaname always discuss and analyze “GateKeeping” (a word normally aligned with Anime Culture) and its effect on the viewership of products overall. The thing that I started to wonder is…what makes people so critical?

I will speak for myself first since it is best to start with the “person in the mirror” to make a change or at least analyze the causes and define them. I personally am critical of my favorite movies because of my loyalty to source material, which is quite counter productive to being a “creative” as well. I always ask myself “what is the line that you do not cross when you interpret an already written work?” I personally understand that trimming the material from a book that would not translate well to any screen performance is necessary for that translating and the screen time consideration. As for tv shows, I find that the translation from Book to Streamed TV Show are more successful depending on the book as well so these don’t get the same level of criticism as movies do. I recently began watching all of the marvel movies when they were owned by other production companies with my girlfriend. As we watched these movies, my initial criticism scale was changed due to the final episode of Disney’s Loki *SPOILER ALERT* where the multiverse is opened with the death of the “Man who Remains” and makes ALL Marvel titles “CANON”. I will also attribute the change in my analysis of these movies to my girlfriend, who is not as harsh of a critic in these aspects as I am (she will critique if a product is good or bad but she doesn’t take it higher than what it is…entertainment). These two aspects have changed my overall grading process and viewing experience. Now I just need to work on not “gatekeeping” her when we watch movies…sorry baby.

From what I understand about the standard viewer, they hold detail very close to their heart for a few reasons. Either they are a self proclaimed or publicly anointed critic (people trust their judgment of a product), they are a fan of the original work that the current product is based on, they are a fan of the creator (company, producer, director, actor/actress, etc) or they are just overall a very critical/glass half empty kind of person with a keen eye for any level of ”fault”

What do you guys think about public critiques about movies/tv shows/entertainment? Comment below! Follow us across the web @phucaname, follow me across the web @frostyphenix

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