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Tifa, Aerith...and Jessie?! Oh Cloud, you DAWG!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hey y’all, Frosty Phenix here! So Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been out for almost two months at the point of me writing this article. I had been careful not to rush through my first play through, checking every turn and corner possible for missions, loot and conversations. I finally finished it. Things I noticed that were different about the remake versus the original jump at me every minute, but one thing I noticed that keeps bringing its attention to me...Cloud’s Love Life. Of Course those that have played the original always debate between him loving Aerith or Tifa, two of the 3 main female playable protagonists. But in THIS game he has a 3rd contender...Jessie of Avalanche! Let’s get into it!

SPOILERS AHEAD (I’ve spoiled enough already if you have not played the new or original game...just STOP reading if you have not played either)

In one corner we have Tifa, Cloud’s Childhood friend, Co-Member of Avalanche and the first character to close your 3 person party in the beginning of the game. Cloud and Tifa go way back and their story is deeply rooted in the events that led up to the main storyline of FF7’s antagonist, Sephiroth. Tifa, I would say, was motivation for Cloud to leave his hometown and join SOLDIER (try to rather) so that he could protect her.

In the other corner we have Aerith, the Midgar Flower Girl with the pretty eyes who turns out to be of an ancient race that understands the planet’s “LifeStream”. The chemistry between them is apparent from their first meeting. As the game progresses, Aerith and Cloud grow closer to a point where a relationship could foster.

And then...there is Jessie. In this new version she has a backstory, from potential star actress to freedom fighting planetologist after her father falls ill to mako exposure...tugs at the heart string don’t it?

In the original game for ps1 (out in the PlayStation store for the current systems if you never have experienced it), Cloud interacts with both Tifa and Aerith in a “picking favorites” sort of way. You have the options to treat one of the heroines better than the other which leads to different interaction with them later down the line. Ultimately it leads to a “date” with one of the ladies at a rest point as the overall story gets more serious (if you treat them both wrong, you go on a date with Barrett in case you’re wondering). Now in the remake, they give you the same options as far as your interactions with Aerith and Tifa (with Tifa’s being a lot more extensive for the part of the game I am currently writing this). However, Jessie comes in as a HARD contender, flirting with Cloud at almost every chance she gets. I’ll admit in the original I could see some flirting from her too, but it was not anywhere close to this apparent and...physical.

For me I had enough issues making sure I chose the right answer for the girl I wanted Cloud to favor, BUT NOW I have another ball to juggle...ugh! Can you guess which girl I favor for Cloud? Which girl would you want Cloud to run off into the sunset with? Comment below! Let’s have a conversation. Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7 are available now on PS STORE! This has been FrostyPhenix, follow me across social media @frostyphenix for my personal adventures and follow my personal twitch @frostyphenix89 for my live gaming clips and adventures. Until next time y’all, peace!

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