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Warframe 2020!!

What is up squad, Frosty Phenix here! Summer time is approaching fast (whether you believe it or not) and solo gaming season is picking up speed. However, I want to discuss Warframe, the online 3rd Person MMO Looter Shooter created by Canadian Gaming Company Digital Extremes. I have been face deep in this title since giving it another go in 2018 after a major drought in Destiny 2 content and I hadn’t looked back since. My experience with the game once I got set into the pacing turned into stories with friends that I will remember for years to come. The big story here is that the expected content drop for this game this year will continue the biggest set up in this game’s life span of 7 years. Let’s dive in, shall we?

RAIJACK!! At Tennocon 2018, DE revealed the gameplay for their new space battle game mode, titled Railjack. Fans were hype (I was also hype)! Alas, with that reveal then came expectations and impatience for a release that seemingly would never come. A year and a half later, DE finally released the game mode (better late than never, right?). It was glitchy and costs were high for repairing your ship in contrast to the amount of material acquired per mission. Once the holiday season was over, DE got to the fixes ASAP and the game mode is now a fully functional game mode. That being said, there are currently 3 worlds available for Railjack missions, Earth Proxima (Tier 1 - Easy Difficulty), Saturn Proxima (Tier 2 - Medium Difficulty) and Veil Proxima (Tier 3 - Hardest Difficulty). For these missions there are different roles, from pilot to engineer to gunner, each being very important for effective gameplay. In a dev stream for the month of February ( Dev Stream #138 - Link), DE revealed their further plans for Railjack, being the “Scarlet Spear” content. Scarlet Spear will bring the Ground and Space interaction, alluded to in the Railjack reveal from 2018, that will prepare players for the coming “New War” Content. For a community guide and breakdown of this mode, check out the link here:

Deadlock Protocol and Warframe “Protea”

In addition to the Railjack content, DE will also be revamping their Grineer Tilesets (same as their Corpu Tileset updates in late 2019). WIth these updates also comes more story content and new weapons amidst what seems to be the rise of newer corpus threats and more Railjack missions to come. Also to come, a NEW WARFRAME (which would make her Warframe #36 I believe, this number DOES NOT include the Prime Variants). She is revealed to have tech based abilities so far, so I imagine she’ll be a support frame. Interesting thing about Warframe is that all of the frames can be solo with the correctly modded frame and weaponry but each frame does have a clear role when on an organized team. CONCLUSION

I can’t WAIT for more content! I play Warframe on an almost daily basis when I am not working or events with friends and family. For more information on the game, check out the various links in this article or just hit up the good ol’ Google and get to reading and watching tons of informative videos from the community. Follow my gaming and life adventures @frostyphenix across all social platforms. If you are interested in gaming with me on Warframe, my gamer tag is: gamernixon1. Until then squad, Peace!

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