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Warframe: Duviri Paradox First Impressions

Longevity is the name of the game for Digital Extreme’s Sci-Fi Space Ninja FPS/3rd person melee adventure, Warframe. FrostyPhenix here with my first impressions of Warframe’s new quest line, “The Duviri Paradox”. The duviri daradox is an alternative introductory quest to WARFRAME, following the journey of the paradoxical Drifter in Duviri instead of starting with the traditional Warframe path from the Awakening quest. This quest was first teased as content to come during Tennocon’s live stream in 2019. Last major story update for Warframe was “The New War” Questline, which was released in December of 2021.

Check out my first two hours with the content above

How do we start?

Duviri Paradox is an alternative introductory quest to warframe, following the journey of the paradoxical Drifter in Duviri instead of starting with the traditional Warframe path from the Awakening quest. To begin the quest, head over to the “Codex” console on the left side of the dropship/hub of your orbiter. It should be the first quest at the top. For new players, I imagine that the game will allow you to enter one of two ways: either awaking in our solar system OR awaking in the Duviri Kingdom.

Once started, it opens with the cutscene from the released cinematic trailer for the content. It changes your tenno’s face to the face you are prompted to customize or generic face choice if it is your first time to the game. Once chosen, you find your character being punished over and over again and not knowing why while also mocking their oppressors. Suddenly, what changes the circumstances is your character is impaled not by the enemies at hand…but a transparent silhouette of a sword (a familiar weapon for veteran players), followed by the sudden crash of an object from the sky. Your character investigates it to be a “severed hand”, but suddenly the hand attaches itself to you and imbues you with a strange power that is also somehow familiar. You are now off on your adventure to discover what has suddenly changed your fate.


For veteran players (especially those that have played the previous storyline update “The New War”), you will breeze through most of the tutorials for this content (as you should). As DE mentions in their frequent presentations, new features such as your steed called Kaithe (who is customizable) that will allow you to travel throughout the new world and your drifter character model being able to wield melee weapons and a couple of new powers.

For new players, duviri does a great job in giving you such an engaging and opening mission that possibly has newcomers intrigued. Once you escape the area of your capture, you make your way past one of the new enigma characters named “Bombastine” that seems to have a connection to the world at hand. You make your way to a cave where you greeted by Teshin (your guide through this endeavor) who asks you to name a rabbit that inhabits the cave with you (choosing the name has morality connections and effects that you will most likely see unfold as you continue the play-through. After a hard headed moment with your character, you take on what this old man tells you and you jump into combat with your drifter against a couple Daxx warriors from that world, followed by the long awaited task for new players…PICKING OUT AND TEST DRIVING YOUR WARFRAME! I remember my first time picking my frame…I actually chose the same frame as I did when I first started but for different reasons… I explain this in my play-through above). Choose between the sword slashing excalibur, the polarity shifting Mag or the electric speedster Volt. Choose wisely (you get more as you go along but this will be your companion for a while…this feels like pokemon…lol). You are taken to an area where you practice the basic movements of your frame, followed by choosing your primary, secondary and melee weapons for combat (these will be your base choices for your play-through for a while as well so try out the weapon choices available before you leave the area and lock them in).


Again, I will praise the new DE team working on this content. I love the flying horse and the explanations for area separations regarding why you use your drifter and warframe in different areas. I am curious about exploring the new area, as it is uncharted at this time even for veteran players.


The gameplay is a TAD clunky as far as drifter’s melee capabilities and adjusting to the enemies who are unforgiving even for veteran players. It is a decent thing as it provides challenge, but more of a con as it can dissuade new players from continuing out of possible frustration.

I will be playing through it more as time goes along and updating this article as I continue. Good job so far, DE.

Warframe is available now on PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, XBOX One/XBOX Series X/S, STEAM and Nintendo Switch. This has been FrostyPhenix of!

Sources as I continue:

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