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Xbox Series X price and release date officially announced

What’s goin on everybody, Wav3yGawd here! Looks like one of the consoles stopped playing chicken and dropped their price and release date FINALLY! Xbox just announced this morning that their next gen console the Xbox Series X or the Nextbox (dubbed by squad member CorneredFOX) will be dropping on November 10th for $499! Pre Orders will be starting on September 22nd!

You might remember yesterday when Xbox confirmed the Xbox Series S and gave the price point but no release date, well November 10th will be the date that not only the Xbox Series X releases but also the smaller Xbox Series S! Another great thing about these Microsoft consoles is that they both come with the Xbox All Access Program. This program is a subscription service that gets you the Xbox console as well as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, another thing to mention with Game Pass Ultimate is that it now includes EA Play!

So all together the Xbox All Access Program will be $34.99 a month on the Xbox Series X and $24.99 a month on the Xbox Series S!

In my eyes Xbox is trying to make the other competition come out and play and I love that! Now we finally have a price point on one of the next gen consoles which means Sony will not be far away with their price and release date announcement. Like I said many times before I will be getting both, however I hope that the PS5 will be the same price if the leaks and rumors are true! Until next time y’all, this has been Wav3yGawd, PEACE!

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