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Your FAVORITE Devil Hunters Have Returned!

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

So it’s been a few days since the release of gameplay from Devil May Cry 5, the Capcom heavy hitter jack and slash. I’m pretty sure we can admit that we weren’t prepared for such action from the series but definitely accepted it with arms wide open.

The video opens with Nero making a phone call on a pay phone, seemingly calling his

new partner Nico as she pulls up in their mobile “Devil May Cry” service van (Nero being a representative of Dante’s Demon Slaying Business...don’t believe me? Look it up). As we see the pair ride into a scene, he next clip is some good ol’ hack and slash action gameplay from Nero and his trusty Red Queen, Blue Rose Pistol, new powers and his new arm (peep the E3 reveal trailer here to see why he has a new arm). As the video continues, we see Nero fight what is probably a new mini boss that is similar to the Grim Reaper Boss from the second mission in 2005’s Devil May Cry 3 (except this boss has giant scissors instead of a scythe). After this boss scene is two more boss fight scenes, one with what looks like some gelatinous creature with legs similar to a spider followed by a creature that looks like Sasquatch like (no, the Sasquatch may not exist but if it did this is what it would be similar to) with two horns on its head and a mouth for a stomach that shoots heated fireballs made of the material it has eaten surrounding it (gross...BUT AWESOME!!). As the clip continues, Nero drops a quip in very Nero style (must run in the blood of the Sparda family to wisecrack I swear). You see clips of action between Nero and the Sasquatch looking boss as they break through the street they are fighting on and some typical Devil Bringer action and Nero tossing the boss with ease, giving a hint to what most veteran Devil May Cry can expect in this battle.

The next scenes are another unique boss, at a size we have never seen before in a Devil May Cry game, rivaling maybe the Final Boss of 2001’s Devil May Cry (the start of it all). A couple of fight scenes with lesser demons and your good ol’ cinematic action of Nero dodging an enemy’s attack stylishly, body slamming an enemy and riding a missile in another boss battle (and it LOOKS LIKE we’ll be able to control him while he is doing so...AWESOME!!). As the video comes to a close and Nero reunites with his partner Nico...we hear a motorcycle rev and a familiar “WOOHOO!”, followed by some lesser demon killing action from the series regular that seems to have taken a back seat roll...Dante. However...more importantly...Dante is wielding a new weapon...the motorcycle that he rides in on turns into TWO SPINNING BLADE AXES!!! (WHAAAAAAAT?!?....LET’S ROCK!!)

The top questions Devil May Cry Fans probably have right now (me included) are the following: Where is Nero’s Love Interest from Devil May Cry 4? Is this before or after Devil May Cry 2? Is that really Vergil in the cover posters with the black Hair and tattoos? Who is the main villain this time? Are Trish and Lady there?

Hopefully all of these questions and others will be answered when the game drops. Hopefully not before then though because y’all know how the internet is. I for one have been waiting patiently for a sequel to the highly rated Devil May Cry 4. Even with the introduction of the character Nero, it delivered great lore and flavor that the series has built up to now. I have high expectations for this game as it seems solo hack and slash format is making a comeback in this heavily mmo based environment. Check out the full 15 minute gameplay here. Devil May Cry 5 releases on XBOX, PS4 and STEAM on August 3rd, 2019. 

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